2017 UnRetreat by Julian Brass

January 2018

You’re invited to embark on a retreat-like experience in Toronto. You’re invited to push your boundaries so that you can redesign the parts of your life that you care about most. You’re invited to close off distractions for 1 day so that you can focus in on what matters most: YOU.

You deserve to live your life with:
  • Passion
  • Purpose
  • Financial Clarity
  • A Spiritual Connection
  • Health & Wellness Mastery
  • Relationships That Make You Feel Amazing

At the UnRetreat you will take massive action toward making these key aspects of your life, your new reality. Lead by Lifestyle Design Coach, Entrepreneur, and Certified Yoga Instructor, Julian Brass, our guests will be lead through a full-day of inspirational workshops combining new aged lifestyle design strategies with ancient yoga philosophies, to unlock their clarity, define their value system and heighten their spirituality. The UnRetreat was created because the whole concept of going on a “Retreat”, is a bit off. Why do people need to retreat from their lives? If you’re living life right you shouldn’t need a retreat from it, you should be embracing it. This is your life and you only get one. When you leave the UnRetreat you will be embracing your life, running toward it, arms open, smile on your face, love in your heart. That's our guarentee. Just look at the testimonials from last year ...

At the UnRetreat you will learn the tools to:
  • Create an actionable plan to make your dreams your reality
  • Define your Value System
  • Determine your relationship with money
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Break negative habits
  • Meditate on your own, any time
  • Feel confident doing your own yoga practice from wherever you are
  • And become more mindful, happy, and full-of-gratitude

We have intentionally designed this experience to give you the opportunity to do this in an immersive and intensive full-day, inspiring experience.

The UnRetreat is intentionally designed to offer guests an intimate and safe environment. We purposely keep spacing extremely limited to ensure this is achieved. Make sure to tell us about yourself by hitting "apply now" below so that your application is received before this once-in-a-lifetime experience reaches capacity.

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The UnRetreat changes lives. Here’s what people had to say about last year’s UnRetreat:

  • "Hi Julian, Just read the UnRetreat guide front to back...amazing! I love it all."

    From an early-30 year old entrepreneur

  • "Hi Julian,

    I hope this email finds you well and that you are having a tremendous day!

    I just wanted to send you a note and say a massive thank you for the UnRetreat this past weekend!! What an incredible day of love, positive energy, and light - it seriously couldn't have come at a better time for me.  

    Thank you so much, and have an amazing Thursday!"

    A note from a late-twenty year old Advertising professional who attended last year

  • "Hi Julian,

    I am still digesting all of the information and events I experienced yesterday, I think this was just little taste of a life long journey, one that I was so ready to start and one that came to my hands at the right moment. I also noticed that there was lot of energy that shifted inside of me and stirred up a lot of different feelings. Especially at 3am!

    My head was spinning in so many directions so I did a 10 minute meditation this morning.

    It helped but left me hungry for more coaching…"

    From a late-30 year old Sales professional

  • "The UnRetreat was an early Christmas gift from my wife and one that I will forever be grateful for. I honestly didn't know much about what I was getting into but this turned out be an incredibly transformational day. Julian planned out the perfect mix of yoga, self-reflection, and learning from others. What makes Julian a great leader for this workshop is that he's not only a wonderful yoga instructor, but he's also very easy to talk to, and seems to really understand some of the many challenges we all face. I have read many books on spirituality and attended many sessions lead by world famous yogis. Although their talks are interesting, Julian is very effective at relating ancient yoga philosophies to current every day challenges. I felt confident that Julian would be as honest with me in sharing his feedback, as I was in honestly reflecting on my life.

    Since attending UnRetreat I have focused on making self-reflection a common practice and regularly take a break to reevaluate the path my personal and profession life are on. Attending UnRetreat inspired me to think through some important career choices and ultimately resulted in me starting a business that combines many of passions. Julian and I were able to talk about the importance in aligning personal values with career goals, and I am very happy to have acted on what I learned. I started my business within a few months of UnRetreat and have been enjoying the ride every since.

    I would recommend the UnRetreat to anyone that feels their personal or professional path could use a change in direction but wants some guidance and tools on what changes will make the greatest impact. The UnRetreat forces you to take a one day break from all your responsibilities and through various tools assess where things are today and where you want them to be. To anyone attending UnRetreat, I commend you on making this decision and encourage you to go in with a very open minded attitude, and make the most of the time you've invested by taking a real deep and honest look at where your life is today, and what goals you genuinely want to strive for."

    From a 30-something professional Engineer and newly side-hustling entrepreneur