Own Anxiety in 4 Weeks

Online | November 21, November 28, December 5, December 12 (4 Wednesdays Live @ 5:30pm-7:00pm Eastern Time) |  With replay available online

UPDATE: This class will be offered entirely online. If you can't attend the live classes they will all be available in the private students-only Facebook group

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An online yet personal class designed to empower you to unleash your hidden superpower, anxiety. You’ll learn how to take if from debilitative to facilitative. Lead by author and creator of the Own Anxiety Method, Julian Brass (@julian_brass). In the past Julian’s work and research has only been offered to corporations and in 1-day seminars but now you can learn with Julian in his most thorough offering ever: an online, interactive class thoughtfully designed to help anyone suffering from anxiety completely change their relationship with it so that they begin to thrive #OwnAnxiety.

Week 1


You’ll be taken inside Julian’s Own Anxiety system to begin your awakening that anxiety is your greatest gift and superpower. You’ll learn how to change your relationship with it immediately, meet other successful people in your community with anxiety, and leave inspired to explore.

Week 2


Rethinking anxiety is the beginning, learning the tools to enable you to own anxiety comes next. In this life-changing week, you will learn research-proven tools, bridging Western Medicine and holistic Eastern Philosophies, to rapidly change the state of your body and mind the moment anxiety flares up.

Week 3


We will practice using our newfound tools in anxiety inducing situations by role-playing. This will be a fun, liberating, and extra inspiring week where the class supports and learns from one another.

Week 4


Congrats! You are now ready to own anxiety and to take your new-found understanding and skills into the world for the rest of your life. You and your tribe of anxiety warriors will be given a thorough review and at close we will raise a glass of cold-pressed juice or kombucha and celebrate our great progress together!

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Testimonials and reviews of the #OwnAnxiety experience:

I didn't know what to expect at Julian's workshop. Truthfully, I didn't think I needed it as I'm generally not an anxious person. But since the workshop, I've been surprised at how much I use his simple tips for reducing anxiety on a daily basis and before big events.
I found myself with butterflies in my stomach on my way to a big presentation so I tried some of the tips in the Uber and to my surprise, they relieved my nervousness greatly. I've naturally incorporated Julian's ideas into my daily routine to boost happiness and relieve stress. 

The Bombas team really enjoyed Julian Brass' 'Own Your Anxiety' workshop! The workshop was authentic, easily digestible and gave every member of the team real-world tools to take back to their professional and personal lives. Particularly notable were the nine anxiety tips Julian presented, especially the opportunity to use laughter to calm down your nervous system. We would recommend Julian to any other company, big or small, as an anxiety expert.  

I attended Julian's #OwnAnxiety workshop and absolutely loved it! Julian is engaging, funny and is able to simplify complex and sometimes uneasy subject matter in a simple and succinct format. Julian shared his story and experiences as an entrepreneur, which I can certainly relate to. He continues to provide empowering advice, success tips and good vibes. I'd highly recommend his workshop and cannot wait to read his new book! 

Julian is a highly engaging speaker – charismatic, passionate, knowledgeable, and able to communicate messages in a way that resonates with his audience. He is well versed in anxiety research, and from that has been able to distill a number of useful skills and tools. Julian’s teachings and techniques are highly transferable and offer a great practice to combat anxiety in all its forms. Julian is a great advocate in the anxiety space and brings a valuable message for all to hear! 

The #OwnAnxiety workshop given by Julian was a inspiring reminder to stop and take a step back. It was refreshing to know that we can indeed take control of our own anxiety and that it does not have to control us. He offered wonderful holistic tools to manage anxiety more. One of my favourite “hacks” was practicing smiling - out of the blue and how that change affect change in the brain. Same with a random dance party, and how singing can stimulate the vagus nerve, signalling the brain to calm the body down.
It was a very effective and informative workshop and I look forward to more!