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Julian Brass - Inspiring & Motivational Keynote Speaker Toronto, Canada

Toronto’s Professional Millennial keynote speaker Julian Brass is an inspirational Keynote Speaker in Canada.

Hello My Friend,

Thank you for stopping by.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and it is for a reason - not by accident - that our souls have now connected (digitally). I hope that this is the next chapter in you elevating your normal.

My name is Julian Brass, I'm an entrepreneur, Spiritual Success Coach, investor, certified yoga instructor, soon-to-be author, and lastly, my absolute greatest passion of all, I'm a keynote speaker specializing in inspiring and motivating humans to elevate their personal normal.

If you're reading this there's a good chance you've been on the website I founded back in 2008, Notable.ca, which has reached tens of millions of people since then, and still does; or maybe you've been to the Notable Awards our annual celebration recognizing the most successful professional millennials in Canada. Perhaps you've attended one of my motivational keynote speeches over the years (there's been countless and I'm grateful for that) or attended one of my retreats. There's a good chance you've networked with the best of the best at one of my events (I've been creating events since I was 14 - that's over 19 years now!) or maybe you've slowed things down on a yoga mat with me at one of my yoga practices - Namaste!

And if we haven’t yet met in person, I look forward to the day that we do.

While I'm born in Toronto, over the years I've lived in quite a few places like California (San Francisco/ Silicon Valley), Florida (Fort Lauderdale/ Miami), NYC, Israel, Costa Rica, Mexico, Montreal, and I did my university schooling in Guelph. Through all of these travels and experiences, I've learned a lot about the world, people, and of course, about myself. Most of all I've learned about what my purpose is, and that is to help others live their Notable Life.

I believe that we all deserve to live a life we love. I believe that you are a powerful force of unstoppable, raw, beautiful, loving energy that uniquely makes you, you.

Own that, my friend!

There's power in you that I see even if you don't. There's love in you that I see even if you don't. There's a lot of incredible light inside of you that you must share with the world, fully, in order to realize the G-d-given gifts, you are so lucky to have received.

You're notable. And, I salute you for coming this far and reading this right now.

You deserve love. You deserve money. You deserve happiness. You deserve success. You deserve health. You deserve fulfillment. You deserve opportunity. You deserve growth. You deserve travel. You deserve relationships. You deserve the notable life.

Let's share this! Let's celebrate it! Let's get up to big things! Let's live it!

How do I get there though? You may be thinking.

The key to get there is to design, like an architect, what living this life means to you. Together, we can.

I was raised in a very non-typical upbringing where I was direct witness to how brutally unfair life can be if you don't intentionally create an incredible one. So, out of necessity, I decided at a very young age to create one for myself. After realizing that I could, I knew that my life purpose was to guide others to do the same.

Are you ready to live yours? Send me a note if you are, by clicking here.

With love and light,


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